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Your Attorney in Vienna for all Issues; for Companies, Entrepreneurs and Private Individuals.

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German, English, Mandarin
Contact Person for Issues of Foreign Law
In particular Chinese Business Law



Are you in an unbalanced situation? My arguments add weight to your side.


Door to heaven or hole in the mountain? I give you the right perspective.


Are you lost in a forest of legal obstacles? I offer effective maneuvers to get you back on track.


Mag. Peter Pacher, LL.M.

This is your advantage: I am a generalist with specialty.

Mag. Peter Pacher, LL.M. has many years of experience in an international and intercultural environment. His studies took him from Salzburg to the Netherlands, the USA and the People’s Republic of China. He has gained professional practical experience in law firms with a focus on business law in, e.g., Vienna and Shanghai. At the beginning of the year 2019, he got admitted as attorney-at-law with the purpose to integrate this experience in the advice for and representation of his clients.

His services are directed at private individuals and companies. Foreign companies that have investments in Austria and Austrian companies that have investments abroad regarding complex legal issues are welcome just as simple questions of private persons and entrepreneurs. Due to his China-expertise, Mr. Pacher is happy to support you in legal and cultural challenges with respect to China and/or individuals who have their origin in China.

Mr. Pacher in person takes care of the issues of his clients. He is an independent service provider with the objective to establish long term attorney-client relationships with private individuals and companies. Mr. Pacher is an active listener and happy to take care of your issues.


  • Attorney-at-Law admitted to the Vienna Bar Association since January 2019
  • Schulz Noack Bärwinkel German Attorneys-at-Law, Shanghai, P.R. China: Cooperation with SNB Law (1/2019 to 9/2019), Lawyer (4/2018 to 10/2018),
  • Rödl & Partner, Beijing, P.R. China: Lawyer (12/2017 to 2/2018)
  • Bar Exam in Vienna, Austria (7/2012)
  • Dr. Andreas Köb & Mag. Robert Reich-Rohrwig, Attorneys-at-Law, Vienna, Austria: Associate lawyer (4/2011 to 4/2012)
  • Broich Bezzenberger, Attorneys-at-Law, Vienna, Austria: Associate lawyer (10/2006 to 12/2009)
  • Morgan & Morgan, Panama City, Panama: Intern (3/2006 to 5/2006)


  • Lanzhou University, Gansu, P.R. China: Intensive language training courses in Mandarin from the beginner up to the advanced level
  • Salzburg University, Austria: Magister iuris (2002)
  • McGeorge School of Law, California, USA: LL.M. in Transnational Business Practice (2006)
  • Vrije University Amsterdam, the Netherlands: Erasmus student-exchange program in international business law


  • German
  • English
  • Chinese (HSK5, 1/2016)
  • Spanish



  1. Mr. Pacher offers a wide range of services under Austrian law that includes advice, drafting contracts as well as the representation before court and administrative authorities:
    • Business Law
    • Damages and Warranties
    • Contracts
    • Criminal Law
    • Real Estate
    • Labor Law
    • Immigration Law
    • Administrative Law and Administrative Penal Law
    • Family, Marriage and Inheritance Law
    • Insurances
    • Competition Law
    • Technology Law

  2. Should your documents be in English, Chinese or Spanish, Mr. Pacher will be happy to support with translations.

  3. Further, Mr. Pacher acts as contact person regarding issues of foreign law and deals with the coordination, organisation and communication with external local law firms and advisors in particular in business issues with China.


Justice is not a self-explanatory matter. Thus, invest in your legal advice.

The first meeting/call basically is free of charge and includes a very general assessment of the situation. The costs for services will be agreed on an individual basis: hourly rate, statutory tariff for attorneys (RATG), general attorney fees criteria (AHK) or a lump sum may be applicable.

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